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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 6, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning news begins now at 5:00. it is friday morning, august 6, 2010. a live look at the washington monument to get you going this morning and a lot more calm than yesterday. good morning. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. tony perkins with us. dave ross looked like he won the world cup there. >> finally he wins one. >> all those weekend athletes. >> that is funny stuff. today, the clean-up continues from the severe storms that we saw yesterday afternoon particularly around the alexandria area, temple hills, oxon hill, places like that. we are dry this morning. there is a little more precipitation well off to the north and west. i will show that to you in just a little bit. you can see some of it right there. it is in western maryland right now. we're going to continue to track this. it is possible that some of our viewers, particularly north of the district could see another little batch of rain or shower activity move through during the morning hours although most of the viewing area will remain
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dry. we do have some clouds out there as well as you're seeing but that will give way to a good amount of sunshine for the day. current temperatures through the region, 73 degrees. 75 in baltimore. 71 at dulles. more importantly, it is not going to be as humid today as it has been although it will still be a warm day with highs again into the 90s. your forecast for today looks like this. eventually, mostly sunny after some morning clouds. breezy, less humid. looking for a high of 93. yesterday, we made it up to 96 as predicted but today, not quite as warm and certainly not as humid. >> that will make it a lot better for sure. >> i think golf is more feldy's game. >> i don't know. dave ross is pretty good there too. a good match-up. >> nobody is going to ask me how my kick is and miful for game. i i'll have you know i'm pretty good at getting that little ball through the clown's mouthed. we are starting off with a
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crash southbound bw parkway before you reach 197. the assistant activity has traffic being diverted off at 198. you can pick up route one as an alternate. outer loop not looking so bad some folks waking up in the dark without power. it will also affect the traffic lights. if you encounter a signal that is dark or on flash, treated it as a four-way stop. 395 northbound leaving duke street, no problems at this point up and across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the clean-up does begin today after the violent storms in the d.c. area. seventy mile per hour winds downed trees and snapped power lines. >> let's head out to matz ackland for the latest on the damage. >> reporter: what a mess.
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things are getting bet are by each moment. last time we talked to awe a half hour ago, this parking lot behind me didn't have any power at all but you can see the lights are back on. this is a parking lot filled with brand-new cars and take a look at the limbs that have crashed down. it look like maybe they avoided hitting some of the cars or the cars have been moved out since. a police officer said boy, you should have seen this lace last night. mount vernon avenue was covered with limbs. all evening long as most people slept, dominion power has been out and about trying to restore the power. they still have a lot of work to do. >> all of a sudden, it got real dark. the wind started blowing real bad and then it started raining. it was raining owe bad, i couldn't even look out window. these trees are whipping around just like mad. >> reporter: frightening moments as a violent storm blowing 70-mile per hour winds
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downed trees trees, snapped power lines an sent people running. >> it is a mess. the pole just snapped off and we've got telephone wires and wave got live wires down and all in the yard. it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: all across alexandria, there is widespread damage. this post office had its windows blown out. those inside at the time say nothing hit the windows. they were just blown out by mere pressure of of the passing storm. >> it just shattered. it just started to fall. the wind some out got in between the building and the glass and the glass just fell. >> reporter: 50% of alexandria is without power. 60,000 residents are now left in the dark. several dozen large trees sphapped like mayor says it will take days to recover. -- snapped lick twigs. >> it looks like we've had a war here.
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it is throughout the entire city. >> reporter: before the sun went down, dominion power was on the scene. residents were concerned about the damage and the lingering danger. the power box was yanked from the wall of a home. across the street, a utility pole and a tree had fallen between homes. >> our bib yea sitter was here and she said she just heard -- our baby-sitter was here and she said she just heard the wind pick up. she got our children and moved them to the basement. she said she heard like an explosion. >> reporter: we are in the del ray area of alexandria. this way, power has been restored for the most part it looks like. but in the other direction, it is still pretty dark. about four blocks i can see a power crew working there. just to let you know, summer school here in the city of alexandria has been canceled for the day. if you have any problems, you need officials for some reason,
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there is a hotline that has been set up. 703-746-4357 if you need some help from the city. give that hot line number a call. try to avoid 911 unless there is an actual emergency. back to you. >> thank you. here is a look at the latest numbers from the power companies. dominion virginia is reporting more than 17,000. pepco has a little more than 23,000. amtrak will be disrupted because of a derailment of of a csx coal train. v rest has canceled on the fredericksburg line because of the coal train derailment.
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the woman accused of stabbing a stranger in chinatown is staying in jail. she had been restrain bid a good samaritan on wednesday after the tax at seventh and i streets. the prosecutors described this woman as a danger to the public. says a doctor ordered her to take psychotropic medication but she has not been taking it for at least a month. friend and family remembering a nun would was killed by an alleged drunk driver over the weekend. they held a wake for sister denise mosier last 199. two other sisters are still in critical condition in the hospital. police charged the driver of that suv with drunk driving. they say he already has two dui convicts and was in the country illegally. bp is paying out serious cash in claims. we'll get an update.
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bp engineers are waiting for the cement to dry. they finished pumping the cement into the blown-out well yesterday. the government still wants bp to complete the operation. bp says it has paid out more than # hundred million in claims. the company says $112 million of that was paid to businesses and individuals in last three weeks. elena kagan is the second supreme court justice nominated by president obama. the senate confirmed her in a party line vote of 63-37. five republicans voted for her. only one democrat opposed her nomination. the vote comes almost a year to the day after the president's first selection to the supreme court was confirmed. coming up later on, big moves in the race for d.c. mayor. a key endorsement for challenger convincement gray and a defeat for mayor fenty. we'll hear from both of these
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men. >> we've got the latest on today's forecast. a much quieter day on tap than we had yesterday. also, julie wright will tell us about the drive in to work. do stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. trapped in the trance of their shopping routine, some people don't notice the difference between meat... and mystery, when they enter... the frozen zone. is it real chicken? or something else? some chicken nuggets and tenders look like they have mystery meat. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all white-meat. made with 100% natural ingredients. no fillers. no preservatives.
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we take a look at some of the damage and we are sharing some of your views of yesterday's weather. this massive tree blocking a road. >> across the river, another big hot spot for the damage is oxon hill, maryland. we received this photo of a tree down on boch road. thank you for sending that in. we want to find out more about what is happening in alexandria now. on the phone is tony castrali
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from the city. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was right in the middle of if it in the beverly hills area. it seemed like every street you were on, there was a tree blocking it somewhere. what is the status now. >> as you know personally, these were near hurricane-force winds, 60, 70 miles per hour in a very short time causing hundreds of trees to fall. dominion virginia power and alexandria crew did make some significant progress. dominion said in the city of alexandria, there are approximately 11,100 people still without power which is not what we're used to but he this did come down from over 20,000 yesterday in the afternoon. so they made a lot of progress. it is still extremely unsafe out there as people come out an come outside. there will be wires down and
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trees down. people are advised to use extreme caution in the neighborhoods and if they do have to get out and drive, there will be some intersections without power. the larger intersections, police will be helping an directing traffic. smaller intersections will be challenging and it will take a while to get all of those lights back on. >> tony, where are the hardest hit areas so people know what areas they might want to avoid. >> as steve said, the beverly hills area as well as the del ray area where you believe you guys are this morning and parts of old town. it was really amazing the western part of the city as you get out, duke street towards landmark mall and that area had minimal impact. it was really, really focused in the del ray and central part of city and old town as well. >> one thing thing that i did notice, it was good response by a lot of of the crews, utility crews that were trying to get out there as well as the tree crews and the neighbors
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pitching in together which i think goes in line with what a lot of people are saying. when you go back and think about what hurricane isabelle did, a lot of folk there in alexandria were saying this damage much worse than what we saw a few years back. >> didn't have the flooding that we had during hurricane isabelle and that sort of thing but the tree damage and the intense winds and rain, very similar. our mayor, who i believe was on with you yesterday, a life-long resident of alexandria called this one of the worst storms he had ever seen and compared it to hurricane isabelle. the city did set i'm special storm hotline for the residents. they are asked to call this line and report downed trees and roads and damages to homes and businesses an anything they haven't reported yet, they should call to that number and make sure we are aware of it and we'll get them help if they
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need it. >> tony, thank you so much. we appreciate t we've put the number up on the screen. thank you. >> thank you. >> let's check in with tony and find out where we're headed. hope fling things much calmer after yesterday. >> absolutely. it will be a calmer day, relatively nice day. still warm and lower humidity levels. we are not expecting any storminess although there are some rain showers out this well to the north. i'll show that to you now. the last little bit of this cold front, frontal system still making its way through the mid-atlantic and what you are seeing off to the north an west, just to the west of hagerstown and portions of western maryland is a little bit of more precipitation including one little spot of heavy rain right there. however, we've been watching it, tucker barnes and i have been watching it and it is breaking up as it moves to the south and east. here is d.c. way down here. i don't expect that to make it into the washington area. some of our viewers maybe in frederick, you could see another sprinkle or shower come
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through during the early- morning hours. for most of the rest of us though, we should remain dry. let's take a look at the rainfall amounts. we are talking about the winds being in relatively small areas. this is a very localized storm. bulk of the damage done in relatively small areas and most of the rest of the area just saw heavy rain and lightning and some thunder. rainfall amounts as well. very localized. reagan national, a pretty good amount of rain. at dulles, an inch rain although much less damage out there the winds not nearly as strong with the storm out to the west and then bwi marshall barely got any rain at all with the system. so a very localized system impacting people in various ways during the course of the afternoon and evening. our current temperatures look like this. we are in the 70s for the most part. 73 take here in washington. 74 in annapolis. 72 in quantico. there are some spots out in the
5:21 am
west, that cooler drier air making its way in. martinsburg, 69. manassas at 68 degrees. the big picture, satellite- radar. there are still clouds across much of the area but as this continues to shift off to the east, there is that band of rain that we are showing you. this is going to move out and going to give us mostly sunny conditions. you can see just how clear it is behind the frontal system and that is what is going to work its way in here for the bulk of the day today. the forecast for today looks like this. i do want to mention some of our viewers north of washington could see a little bit of rain early this morning. for the most part, for most of the us, mostly sunny skies today. still a little bit breezy. highs about 9 # take. your five-day forecast still look good. tomorrow, i think great. 88degrees. that is our average temperature. plenty of sunshine, nice. sunday, i do think we'll get some clouds building in in the latter part of the day but mostly sunny, 89. monday, tuesday, we are aback
5:22 am
up into the 90s so enjoy the weekend. -- highs about 92 degrees. >> we just heard from our caller down in alexandria that some of the major intersections are likely to encounter police to help you through. allow extra tame out there on the roads. be careful of the debris. we want you to give yourself a little extra time out there on the roads. if you come to an intersection where the task lights are dark or on flash, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. we mentioned earlier an accident southbound on the bw parkway before 197. that accident activity according to police has cleared. route 4 at the suitland parkway, 210 at palmer road, just a few of those intersections where the traffic lights are not working. lane are open continuing northbound on 395 out towards the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5
5:23 am
on-time traffic. >> thank you. so the big question is is he isn't he? that is the question that some are asking about albert haynesworth. training camp turning into a big irritation for haynesworth's left knee. >> we'll have the latest coming up on fox 5 morning news. . what's that?
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there is little more than a month to go before the primary election for d.c. mayor. there is a twist in the race. vincent gray has an important endorsement and he came out with a ahead of mayor fenty in his home turf of ward four. we have a report. >> reporter: the day after the straw poll, the d.c. latino caucus endorsed convincement gray for mayor, rejecting adrian fenty would the caucus had endorsed in 2006. >> we spoke to him a number of times to do latino appointments and to come out to our community and listen to our needs. those calls have gone unanswered. >> reporter: there was city- wide interest on wednesday night. why does gray think he got 60% of the vote. >> i think so man people there know me. they work with me. i have relationships with people and they are confident i can be the kind leader they
5:27 am
want. >> reporter: to be fair, there were opposing chants at the mount pleasant event. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: over in northeast, ward 5, adrian fenty was providing over another ribbon cutting at a recreation center. we asked the mayor if he was embarrassed about the straw bowl loss. >> it was disappointing, not embarrassing. >> reporter: why do some rest didn't seem dissatisfied when his administering is building new rec centers, libraries, school buildings. >> they vote for would they think is the best candidate. >> harry thomas thinks that was significant. >> i think that is a huge indicator what you start looking at the trend in the city. >> reporter: back in fenty's ward four, two blocks down the street from his house, this woman is not pleased with his administration. >> i think a lot of it has to
5:28 am
do with the school system, what has gone on with the schools. >> reporter: she voted for him last time. now, she has a sign for vincent gray in her front yard. we have plenty more this morning including more on you are on big story, the clean-up from the latest round of storms. >> reporter: alexandria is a mess this morning but the clean- up is under way. i'm matt ackland. i'll have a complete report coming up a little later. stay with us. 
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welcome back. nice outside today. the humidity will be dropping which will be good. definitely a day for clean-up after all the storms yesterday. >> yeah, it was a mess. so hopefully, things will get easier today and if we don't have the upper 90s and humidity to match like we had yesterday -- >> and we will not. we saw the severe weather as we expected. today, 90s again. not the upper 90s and low are humidity an -- and lower humidity and we should be quiet as far as the atmosphere. we do have clouds throughout that will be clearing as the morning progresses. you see the tail end of the stormed that came through yesterday afternoon and last night all pushing out to sea.
5:32 am
there is another band of rain to our north and west and, in fact, some portions of western maryland are getting some rain showers this morning including a little batch of heavy rain that we were tracking earlier this morning. we'll keep our eyes on it. i don't think most of our viewers will see any of that rain but some of you to the north may. 7 # degrees is the current temperature here in washington. 74 in baltimore. dulles airport, 69 degrees. -- 73 degrees is the current temperature here in washington. a high about 93 degrees today. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> good morning to you all. trouble right now along prince george's county if you are traveling 214 at the beltway. authorities are checking for a crash at that location. flailor road at southern avenue if another incident reported ads you travel into the
5:33 am
district. you will find signal lights not working this morning, 210 at palmer road and you want to treat that as a four-way stop. and matt ackland reporting from del have a down in alexandria, a number of traffic lights not working there as well. some of the major intersections, you are likely to find police there to help you through. right now, the beltway at river road look good. no problems reported as you continue from 270 heading out to the american legion bridge. traffic is smooth on 395. as we continue our storm coverage now, the wind, the downed trees, the power lines that are down and the clean-up efforts that begins this morning after the storms. one of the hardest hit areas in northern virginia. >> matt ackland is live in alexandria with more on what residents are facing today.
5:34 am
we heard from the city that you are in one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: you're right. i think this is one of the hardest hit areas. we had a couple of minutes to drive around the del ray area of alexandria and it is a mess. but there is progress. we talked with a police officer would said in the last six hours or so, they've really, really been able to make some progress. i'm standing in a brand-new car parking lot here and you can see some of the limbs that have come down. we did hear an update from alexandria not too long ago that they are making progress. dominion power is making progress whether it comes to getting people their power back on. apparently, about 11,000 homes still in this area still without power. that is compared to, what, 0,000 last night after the storm hit. but-- 20,000 last night after the storm hit. you got to be really careful when you head out this morning. there are lights out and the
5:35 am
city is actually asking people, if you don't have to get out on the road today, stay home and allow crews to clean off the roads and get the power back on. >> i can tell you, this is the worst i've ever seen it. it look like we've had a war here. it is not just one neighborhood but it is throughout entire city. >> reporter: back out live now. still a lot of work to be done. if you live in alexandria and you do need the help of officials here, they are trying to avoid folk calling 911. they have set i'm hotline number that is 703-476- excuse me, 703-
5:36 am
746-5347. we'll keep you updated on the latest developments. back to you guys. >> homes also damaged in fairfax county from the storm. a falls church neighborhood hit hard. two trees crashed onto a home on tower street with a family of five inside. a man and two-year-old boy were hurt. both were hospitalized but both are said to be okay. down street, a resident heard a loud boom but what he thought was thunder was a giant tree from his backyard falling through his roof. fortunately, nobody was hurt there either. places in prince george's county felt the wrath of the storm. in forest heights, powerful winds and fierce lightning sent some people fleeing to safety. one family is lucky to be alive after i atree came crashing down on their home.
5:37 am
one woman says she and her children barely escaped danger. >> the area got extremely gray and the wind came at a velocity where i've never seen before. i said to the children, come on, let's go in the house. maybe three minutes later, we heard a crashing. >> one woman had to carve a path to get out of her home because of the fallen debris and downed power lines. >> dominion virginia reporting more than 17,000 outages. pepco with about 23,000 bge with just about 145 people still in the dark. a fire damaged a day care in prince george's county. this is video just in to us from the tender moments christian day care in bowie. fire broke out there about # 30 this morning. we don't mow how this started. amtrak service south of d.c. will continue to be disrupted today of the derailment of a csx coal train. in addition to amtrak, v rest
5:38 am
has canceled all train on the fredericksburg line today because of that coal train derailment. -- vre has canceled all trains on the fredericksburg line today. actor director corbin bernsen is accused in his role in a bar fight. a daredevil spends the night hanging on for dear life over the edge of a cliff. once rescued, he was put in handcuffs. we'll find out why when fox 5 morning news returns. ♪
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a marne who spent a night hanging hundreds of feet off the side of a cliff is safe and sound but there is a bit of a hitch to the story. it all started when the 44-year- old got his pair rae chute stuck on sorocks while make a base jump on monday night in washington state. he pulled out his cell phone and called 911 as he hung by a thread. >> i was hanging on the rock on the side i have cliff and just hanging here. >> do you have a back-up parachute on. >> no, i'm hanging from the rock on a string now. if it breaks, i'm dead. >> they rescued him the next day. back to the hitch thinks he was then promptly arrested after being grown flown out. he had an outstanding warrant for reckless endangerment for jumping off a bridge back in
5:42 am
may. >> he needs to stop jumping off. okay strange. now to some real life drama for actor director corbin bernsen. his film crew apparently got into a fight at an ohio restaurant. all of this started whether a man tried to talk with a female production assistant. bernsen admits throwing gravel at the man's car and shouting quote, if i had a gun, you would be dead. neither party has filed charges. a big we you should be asking yourself. >> the changing economy changing the rules of housing. is it better to buy or rent now? >> thank you. plus, we'll be checking your morning commute and weather. you are watching fox 5 morning news as we take a look at 395 at edsall road. we are back after the break. a waffle iron? nooo. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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a view of the capitol this morning. hopefully no repeat of yesterday in many ways. >> we are knocking down the heat and humidity as we speak. that shot you saw, there are still some clouds and some mist out there.
5:46 am
we still have some humidity but as the cold front comes through, the leading edge was yesterday. the back edge will come will you during the morning hours. let's start by showing you the rainfall amounts that we saw yesterday. then we'll take it from there and show you the improving conditions that we are going to see here. reagan national had just under half an inch of rain with the storm that came through. dulles international, nowhere near the winds that they had elsewhere where they had near hurricane-force winds but they did win on the rainfall ballot here. just over an inch of rain at dulles international. meanwhile, bwi marshall barely any rain whatsoever. so big differences in rainfall amounts depending on where you were. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. we are seeing some improvement in the temperatures. hey, where are the temperatures in let's get to the temperatures. 73degrees in washington. 70degrees in gaithersburg. 72 in frederick.
5:47 am
we do have some temperatures in the 60s out to the west. 69 in dulles. 68 in manassas. satellite-radar and here you go, what we're looking at is -- okay. all right. you all just go to whatever you want to go to and i'll try my best to keep up. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. we do have some clouds coming through. there is the rain that we saw. there is a little bit of rain we have off to the west ain western maryland. then than out to -- fur they are out to the west behind the cold front, that is where we have at drier air that is coming in and that is what will make its way in here. now, let's get to that multicolored cool-looking map that we keep going to early with the reds an purples. there we go. these are your dew points as that back edge of the cold front comes through. that is dropping our dew points. that will make it more
5:48 am
comfortable. the dew points are still very uncomfortable in the 70s from washington to points east but up to the north an west, dew points are in the 60s, much, much better. here is your forecast for today. looking for mostly sunny skies today, less humid, breezy at times, high 9 # degree. the five-day forecast, the weekend looks fantastic. the temperatures will be about where they should be in the upper 80s. lofts sunshine tomorrow. i think the bulk of sunday is sunny but i do being we'll get clouds building in in the latter part of the day. we are a back into the 90s. it will be hot again. >> now, here is julie with the traffic. >> the power has been restored to the signals at 210 at palmer road. it just depends on where you're
5:49 am
traveling in from where you are likely to find that the power has not been restored and signal lights are dark or maybe the power has been restored but they're still on flash. allow yourself some extra time out on the roads, watch your speed and proceed with caution. the trip on 270 is uneventful for the most part. the top side of 270 already starting to slow approaching and passing 109. eastbound on 66, we have slow snows for those leaving farr oak headed in towards 123. traffic slows again briefly at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we alwaysen courage our views to send in pictures that they take. i thought i would take of my own yesterday. this was in the beverly hills sex of alexandria. take a look at the next one when you see how big this tree is that came down in the
5:50 am
backyard. that is me in a not flattering photo but it was clean-up time. it was a huge mess out there. unfortunately, this tree took down a bunch of power lines. for myself, about 15 minutes before the storms rolled in, moved my car because it was parked in this driveway where this tree branch came down right there. so that would have been on the roof of my car had i not moved it. but unfortunately for a lot of people, that wasn't the case. there were a lot of cars on the back of rollbacks going through yesterday. this is not far from where matt ask land was in del ray i can't good thing you moved that car. low interest rates and falling prices. you would think that a lot of people would think, this is a great time to buy a home. but the economic rules are changing and what was once considered a sure bet may not be anymore. money reporter melanie alnwick takes a closer look at renting versus buying. >> reporter: a place to call
5:51 am
home is still the american dream but that doesn't always mean it makes sense to buy it. >> there is nothing magical about home ownership. >> the assumptions that home values and incomes will rise have been shaken a little bit. the buy versus ript decision is tougher now. >> both have their positives an negatives and you need to make i an informed decision. >> buying a house is not like buying a lottery ticket an expecting to rein. >> reporter: brian block says buying can still be a good investment if owners expect to stay in the property a while. shoppers will need more cash down these days and there is the cost of maintenance. >> they need to budget probably just several thousand dollars to little things around the house. >> reporter: with falling home prices, ownership can be awfully tempting there is a formula that comes down to this. if the sale price is more than 15 times the annual rent that you pay on a comparable property in your neighborhood,
5:52 am
then the home may be overvalued. renting might make financial sense in that and other situations. avalon bay apartment communities have seen demand if rentals rise. >> i think a lot of it is flexibility. >> reporter: job uncertainty is also keeping many buyers on the fence. amenities like gyms and swimming tools are added benefits. there is the risk of rent hikes. >> leerily the housing market and housing policies are not going to be the same going forward. exactly how we offer credit and make that possible is going to change. >> reporter: the most important thing for our economy is that people make sound financial decisions whether they hold the mortgage or just the lease. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> thank you. we have more resources for you on our web site including a list of cities where it makes
5:53 am
more sense to rent than to buy. go to and look under web links for more information. we still have a lot mother ahead. we are getting to know another redskin player on and off the field. we'll tell you who that is coming up next.  air has no prejudice... ... it does not carry the opinions... ... of a man, faster... ... than those of a woman... it does not filter out an idea... ... because i'm 16... ... and not 30. so it stands to reason...
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hard core redskins fans
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know all the stats of their favorite players but what about what is it that takes make your favorite players tick. we don't know so much about these. >> lindsay murphy has been going behind the scenes. she is talking with devon thomas about things you might not know. >> reporter: he is fast, flashy and fearless. and when devon thomas is in the game, it is always show time. devon enters his third season with the skins an is poised for a breakout year after scoring just three times last season. time to meet a performer both on and off the field. >> this is getting to know devon thomas. any nick names. >> i have a few but my main nickname is show time. >> which tattoo has the most meaning for you. >> between the one for my son on chicago my chest and the one
5:57 am
for my grand ma on my arm, it is hard to say. >> your first job? >> my first job, it was like a paper boy with my older brother when i was real little being probably six or seven. >> reporter: music you like to listen to before a game. not fantasia, right? >> no, i listen to like lil wayne and stuff. >> what would you be doing if you are not in the nf, hopefully asking. >> your mostest basing moment,. >> the rays game, i was h igh- stepping and jumping. they were like turn around. >> there you go. straight ahead at 6:00, we have more for you all of the live
5:58 am
update for you at dave ross. >> another big weekend at the box office. our movie reviewer and friend, kevin m 1 c 0 carthy from 106.7 fm the fan will join us. more on our big story, and that is the storm damage. we'll get your forecast as well when we come back.
5:59 am
the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road.


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